Maths Week 2022

Maths week took place from 15th – 23rd October. This year SS Michael and Peter celebrated how wonderful maths is using the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children had great fun learning about number, 2-D shapes, time, weight and length. The children helped Jack solve lots of maths questions on our Jack and the Beanstalk interactive noticeboard in the school halls. 

All classes also had a great time playing maths games, card games and ipad maths games with our wonderful parents who very generously came in and played the games with our excited pupils.

To top off a very exciting maths week- Ms Dempsey discovered that her very own golden magic harp (just like the one Jack took from the Giant) had been taken from her office. The pupils were very concerned and had to solve many math clues to figure out which teacher had taken Ms. Dempsey’s harp. Ms. Dempsey was so proud of all her mathematicians for their very clever work to figure out who the culprit was. 

The pupils also had great fun using their Maths Eyes to spot maths in our environment as well as completing the STEM challenge to build a beanstalk.  

Here at SS. Michael and Peter’s we understand how important maths is and how much fun you can have working with Maths.