Active Week 

17th- 21st   June 2019

SS. Michael and Peter had an incredible time taking part in Active Week. This was our second year taking part and we all had so much fun! Take a look!

Movement Monday

We started our week off with a Line up Mash up. We  got our bodies moving and warmed up for the day by doing active exercises on the yard.


During the day we set off on our ‘walk a mile with a smile’

Some of our classes used our yards, others went for a lovely walk between our two campuses and others went on a mile walk around our local town. We had so much fun!


We also loved using the safe food. eu Activity wheel throughout the day for Active Brain Breaks.

Dance Tuesday 

This was many of the children’s favourite day!

We started our day off by inviting our Parents/family members, the children and our teachers to make an extra effort to walk/scoot/cycle/skip to school. Lots of families gathered together at 9:10 in a Car-park away from the school to actively make the rest of the way to our lines.  It was so lovely to see our community getting active together.

Throughout the day our Active School Committee got to run around the school ringing a bell to tell everyone to drop everything and dance! We had three surprise dances.

We also had music on the yard for our break times, where our freestyle dancers shined 🙂

Shout out to our super active teachers who made the trek up Croghan after school!

Sports Day Wednesday

Wow our sports day was a huge success this year. We really stepped it up and moved our sports day to the secondary school grounds where we had so much more space to get really active. The children had the best day and we were blessed with Mr Sun.


Try it out Thursday 

On Thursday we invited some local clubs into our school to give the children a taster of something new. Our infant classes and 1st class got to try Pound with Brid and Second Class got to try Bootcamp with Conor Byrne Fitness and Caitriona. The children loved it!


Mindful Friday

On Friday we relaxed into the morning by doing some yoga on the yard. We also has some feel good music on the yard and mindful brain breaks throughout the day.

We also had our Active Assembly on the yard and the whole school danced the Macarena, Cha Cha slide and the children’s favourite ‘Old Town Road’. We also celebrated the most active classes and some children who shined throughout the the week.


Its safe to say we had a busy week but an amazing one. Thanks to everyone who supported and volunteered this year to make our Active Week a super success.


Keep Moving,

Active School Committee

Movement Monday


23rd- 27th April 2018

SS. Michael and Peter had a fantastic time celebrating and taking part in Active Week. It was our first year taking part and we organised lots of fun events for the week.

Monday: Line Up Mash Up


Three times throughout Tuesday we took part in Drop Everything And Dance. The committee members, Ally, Grainne, Alexander and Daniel ran through the school ringing bells to tell everyone it was time to DANCE!

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had Walk On Wednesday. From Junior Infants to 2nd class we hiked off around the school grounds to take part in Walk On Wednesday. We definitely clocked up our steps!! Walking around our school grounds was a great way to get some fresh air throughout the day and see some local nature too! Sycamore trees lined our way as we took in all the beauty around us.

Thursday: Thursday was our Power Hour Sports Day.


Off we went from 9.30am throughout the day to enjoy all the teachers had planned for our sports day. Races, relays, egg and spoon, parachute and many more activities.

Adrian, our GAA Coach came in for the day and did mini skills with all the classes.


2nd classes took turns to lap the 2nd class yard throughout the week to see how many kilometers we could cover over the week. We decided to count the kilomteres and tell Mary Hickey all about Our lap of the map!

All classes had  a fantastic time taking part in Operation Transformation.

We danced, discoed and dabbed our way through the few weeks to get fitter and healthier. Every day at 10am we did our best to take part. We loved following the team from RTE Junior in their routines to help us become healthier.



We are taking part in Operation Transformation in School this year. We will be following the leaders as they achieve their goals each week and maybe making goals for ourselves.

To support these leaders and have our own Operation Transformation, every class we will take part in 10 @ 10. Each class will have an ‘Active Break’ for 10 minutes to take part, it does not have to be at 10 am every morning, but a time that fits into each classes  routine. Our Committee members will be around to each class on the Monday of each week to remind each class to take part for the week. We will be starting on Monday 15th January and continuing for duration of Operation Transformation. If you would like to follow at home, the link is below.


We have been Super Athletes in Ms. Bardon’s Senior Infants. We love being a part of our community and joining activities like Majorettes.

We are also great at being Active in our classrooms. On Monday’s we make sure to be a little more active though and we do things like GoNoodle, 10@10 and Brain Breaks throughout the day. Check out some of our Cool Moves!

Over the course of the year we have been and will continue to implement and trial new ways to be active in and out of school. Movement Mondays – Every Monday the teachers give Movement Homework as part of their classes homework, this could be going for walk with someone, cycling your bike for 5-10 minutes or even playing Simon Say’s. Being active in school and at home are great ways to become aware of all the ways we can be active through all the sports and games that we like to play.

We will be organising an Active School Week in the new year along with following our local Marathon Runner Mary Hickey as she takes on a massive challenge with her Lap of the Map, where she is going to run the coast of Ireland to raise awareness and funds for the RNLI. We plan to follow Mary on her Lap of the Map in school, and see if we can keep up with her speed. Best of Luck Mary!

More Schools, More Active, More Often- this is what we aim to achieve by the end of the year. Joining more schools in being active in our daily school and home life more often

The Active School Flag will be awarded to schools that:

  • Adhere to DES guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all students.
  • Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
  • Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the ASF process.
  • Self-evaluate current provision in terms of PE, Physical Activity and Partnerships.
  • Plan, implement and monitor improvements for each of the aforementioned areas.
  • Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar.

The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with the Active School Flag (ASF).

The programme encourages all schools to evaluate their current provision of P.E. and extracurricular sports activities for the children and increases parents’ awareness of facilities, teams and clubs in our area. This is a non-competitive initiative highlighting the importance of physical activity in and sport in schools and communities in which they are based.

Our school decided in September 2017/18 that we would try for the Active School Flag over the next few years. We have been improving all areas of P.E gradually and feel that this year, we are in the final process. We know that there is still a lot of hard work to be done, but we are up for the challenge. Our first task was to set up an Active School Committee of Teachers. We are very excited about all the new activities and initiatives that will be coming on stream over the coming weeks and months.