The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of our patron, the Arch Bishop of Dublin and is accountable to both the patron and the Minister of Education. The Board must uphold the ethos of SS Michael and Peter JNS and is accountable to the patron for doing so.

We have between five and seven meetings during each school year, where a variety of topics are discussed including current educational issues, budgeting, curriculum, policy development, employment and forward planning. Each Board of Management serves a four year term and our current Board was elected in December 2019.
The school board consists of the following people:

Chairperson: Kerry Ward
Principal: Lisa Dempsey
Staff Nominee: Aisling Rees
Diocesan Nominee: Fr. David Bough
Parent Nominee: Aisling Costello
Parent Nominee: Lloyd Hudson
Community Nominee: Niamh Sweeney