Hello everyone,

We are so excited to tell you that fairies are moving in to SS Michael and Peter JNS. They are currently choosing their favourite trees around the school to move into. Each fairy has its own unique personality and love many different things. Check out our school website to find out more about each fairy. Who will your favourite fairy be? Keeps your eyes glued to this page for more information.


Meet the fairies


Sunshine Fairy 

Creative Fairy

Healthy Fairy

Easter Fairy

Animal Fairy

GAA Fairy

Flower Fairy


Halloween Fairy 

Music Fairy

Christmas Fairy

Soccer Fairy

Bubble Fairy


Rainbow Fairy

friendly Fairy


Worksheets for all

-click on the pictures below to bring you to a worksheet. Don’t forget to download the worksheet for you building.


Starting from the St Peters Building


Starting from the St Michael’s building
Creative Writing


Active Trail starting from the St Michaels building
Active Trail starting from the St Peter’s yard