Please have a look to see what our classes have been up to lately! We have all been really busy with our art and writing!

Ms. Byrne’s Pre- School ASD Unit

We know so much about Transport! Do you like our cars?

 we know all about the story

The Owl Babies. Do you know it? We painted beautiful pictures of the owls.


Rain, Rain go away, come again another day!

Ms. O Neill Junior Infants

In autumn, the leaves fall off the trees. They are beautiful colours though.

The Robin was keeping an eye on us for winter. Do you know why?

We were learning all about our colours in Ms. O Neill’s classroom!

Ms. Kennedy Junior Infants

 We learnt all about the life cycle of the penguin.

 We made amazing igloos with our teacher.

 Do you like our penguins?  We made them using paint and cotton wool!  Their bellies are very soft!

Ms Fox Junior Infants

Our hedghogs were hibernating over winter, we hope that they wake up soon now that it is spring.

 Do you like our houses? We made them using lots of colours and lollypop sticks.

 Brrrr it’s cold outside our classroom! Just look at our winter trees!

 Nelly The Elephant came for a visit!

 Our colour wheels. These are our self portraits. Can you tell who is who?

Happy Valentines Day!

Ms. Byrne Junior ASD

 We love to count!

We really enjoyed counting all the snowmen!

How many can you count in each picture?

 We counted all the way up to 20!

We love going on our nature walks with our teacher. There is so much to see around the school!

Senior Infants

Ms. Murphy

 Spring has sprung in Ms. Murphy’s Senior Infant classroom.

 Just look at all the beautiful colours of our rainbows.

 Under the Sea, Under the sea!  We are learning so much about all the fish that live under the sea!  We are also learning a brilliant song about it!  Would you like to hear it?

 When winter was here, we made snowmen!

Ms. Coates

We won’t get caught in the rain with our amazing umbrellas!

 Can you learn this poem? How fast can you remember it?

Spring is bright and colourful in Ms. Coates classroom with their beautiful flowers!

 For world book day we bought in a teddy and book from home and read to our teddy.

Ms. Bardon

We had our toys and teddies come to school with us.  They got up to some serious mischief.

They played with our toys! They pretend to go to the shop!

 In autumn we painted wonderful pictures of the changing of the season. Can you guess what season comes next?

We made beautiful igloos after reading the story Nanooka’s Garden. Have you read it? It is such a good story!

 Our toys really enjoyed being in school.

We said ‘Hello’ to spring with our lovely flower pots.

Ms. Hempenstall

 We created chalk pictures of the Northern Lights. We read about them in Nanooka’s Garden.

 We know so much about Penguins. What do you know?

Our Polar Bears were feeling pretty cold in the corridor. Good thing they have nice warm fur.

 Happy World Book Day! From our class to yours!  We drew our favourite books!

 We also drew our favourite characters!

Ms. Cronin

 We are brilliant at cutting and sticking. Just look at our bright monkeys swinging outside our room!

 Life is a real HOOT here in Ms. Cronin’s classroom.

No rain for us with our bright umbrellas!

 We loved making our winter wonderland trees. Can you see how sparkly they are?

 Spring has Sprung with our Chirpy little Chick!



We drew our FAVOURITE books and characters!

 Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ms. Cronins senior infants. They learnt how to Irish Dance and performed for the other senior infant classes and for the parents. Well Done Ms. Cronin and all her boys and girls!

First Class

Ms. Whelan

 ROAR! Do you like our Lions?We used patterns and lots of colour to create them.


Ms. Whyte

 Music is our passion in Ms. Whyte’s classroom!


Ms. Barret

 Do you like our fish bowls?

  We made windmills!

 Our Beautiful Butterflies catch the light and our attention in Ms. Barrets room.

 We wrote about our favourite toys. What is your favourite toy?   Can you find our lost sheep?

 We are learning all about Spring and Farm Animals with Ms. Barrett!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all in Ms. Barretts First Class!

 Our Chick’s are hatching!


 Spring has sprung!

Ms. Crowley

 Hands up for art in Ms. Crowleys classroom!


Ms. Kavanagh

We know all about the planets!


Second Class

Ms. Cox

 Check out our Poetry Corner in Ms. Cox classroom!  Off to space we go!


Ms. Nolan

 Happy Chinese New Year!

 We made flags of Italy  We learnt about Primary Colours!

 Do you know what primary colours are? We do!


Ms. Redmond


 We know so much about Italy!  Thanks Ms. Redmond for teaching us about it!  Can you tell who is who from our Self Portraits?  BLASTING INTO SPACE!

We can write winter acrostic poems.

Ms. Morris Senior ASD Unit

  What is your favourite toy?

 Autumn in Ms. Morris’ room.

We can stay nice and dry with our colourful umbrellas!