Ms. Hempenstall’s Second Class


December in school is SUPER busy! We began practicing our Christmas play for our Parents and other classes and we also had to prepare songs for the School Christmas Carol Service. We had all this to do and learn songs for our Communion Masses, we had a really busy time learning everything, but it was all so much fun! It got really exciting the last week of school, when we were finally ready to perform our songs for our parents. We did our show with Ms. O Halloran’s 2nd class too and we loved it! In class we still had English and Maths to do though, we wrote Christmas Letters to Santa and we wrote Christmas Acrostic poems too. We did some beautiful art too, we painted Nativity Scenes using water paints and we designed candles and Advent Wreaths with the candles that represent Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. We could use our Christmas Investigation table when we finished our work early, and this table was full of Christmas books, poems, games, writing sheets and Christmas Maths. Our favourite bit was the ‘Whats your Elf Name?’ sheet. We could find out our Elf name by using our initials and then write stories about ourselves and our friends. We love Christmas in School and cannot wait for Santa to visit us on Christmas Eve!!


Throughout November, we worked hard on our Food Dudes in 2nd Class and we all tried our best to earn our stickers and try all the new tasty foods! Our class really liked peppers and grapes!
We made dinner plates using healthy food. We learned all about Healthy and Unhealthy food. This was really helpful to learn as we are also trying really hard to get our Active Schools Flag this year and now we know how to fuel our bodies for all the Movement Mondays, P.E. and extra activities we are doing in school.
It was also Science Week in school in November and we did a lot of cool and fun experiments.


In October we learned all about Space as part of International Space Week. Its at the start of October and we learned all about an Astronaut called Neil Armstrong. We did a KWL board on Space to find out what some of us already knew and what we would like to know about. We decided we didn’t know that much about gravity and how astronauts live in space. Our teacher showed us a video of the International Space Station where people live in space for months at a time. We saw how they eat, sleep, brush their teeth and use the toilet! It was really interesting!
We also studied myths and legends as part of our Hallowe’en investigation table. We wrote Halloween stories and poems. On the last Friday we all dressed up in our costumes and had a great day!


Welcome to 2nd Class!
In September we all had a new class and a new teacher.
We had lots of fun getting to know each other and learning all about each other and making new friends.
We will be making our First Holy Communion this year and we are already so excited.
In September, we began learning all about Autumn and what it means for the animals in Ireland.
We also did a lot of Gaeilge in September and sequenced a story called Madra Rua.