Ms. Kennedy Jun. Inf.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in Ms. Kennedy’s Junior Infants:

World Book day was such fun! Everyone put in HUGE effort in their costumes!  In our class we had everyone from the Mad Hatter and Cat in the hat to Charlie and the chocolate factory’s Oompa Loompa and Mary Poppins to name a few. We took part in a World Book day quiz and smashed it! We celebrated by holding a Parade to show all our costumes to our friends in the halla and then we had a mini disco, where we played musical statues! We also loved looking at all the interesting books in the book fair on Monday and Tuesday. Overall, we had a great time talking about and listening to lots of stories and books!


In Aistear and SESE we have been learning about people who help us. Playtime allowed us to visit the doctor, be a brave firefighter and work on a construction site. We worked together to build our own table top town and had lots of fun pretending to rescue people in the town. We sang songs and said poems about important people and we especially liked 5 brave fire-fighters. We learned all about the uniforms, tools and equipment people need to do their important jobs. We matched the equipment to the correct people and unscrambled the cards to put the people who help us back together. We talked about what we would like to be when we grow up and drew pictures showing our future jobs! Watch out World!!!






As a whole school we are working towards an Active School Flag and here in Junior infants we are keeping active everyday with 10 @10, brain breaks and of course one of our favourites – Gonoodle!  We are working super hard at helping our champs go through the transmogrifier and get maxed out! We keep adding new champs to our wall.

We really loved going to the Bring & Buy sale and buying some lovely toys, books and cuddly friends. The Magic show was a massive hit! We laughed our socks off at all the magic tricks! Some of our Junior infants even performed some magic tricks themselves!

For SESE and Winter Playtime we travelled to the Arctic and learned how animals like the polar bear keep warm in the cold cold weather. We went fishing, built igloos, rode on a snowmobile and spotted lots of animals on a scavenger hunt. Our imagination is really working hard and allows us to travel to lots of different places!

During Science week we became “Mad Scientists”. We did lots of different experiments like floating and sinking, is it waterproof? our dancing raisins and a bubbling volcano!
We especially liked making a balloon rocket fly across our classroom with the help of Ms. Bardon’s Senior infants.

We loved Maths week in October and we have made more shape pictures and shape friends using all the different shapes we have learned about. We also made patterns and tower blocks to match the numbers 1-5.

We love building lots of interesting creations in our Construction play group. It really helps our hands get strong and our imagination gets lots of exercise too!


We’ve just started practising using our scissors and are working really hard at this! Our play dough playgroup helps us make our hands and fingers strong and its fun too!

We’ve been learning lots about fruit and vegetables with the help of the Food Dudes. We read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and made our own caterpillars! Our Fruit & Veg shop in playtime helped us use all the names of different fruit & vegetables.

We’ve been getting to know our new classmates and have learned lots about autumn, houses and homes. Check out some of our pictures!