Miss Fox’s Junior infants are having a great year in Junior Infants Room 5. We have been working really hard at our sounds and we are now as far as letter x on our Jolly Phonics program. We’re getting really good at blending the sounds to read real words in our sound books. We’ve just finished our second set of readers and we’re looking forward to starting our third reader ‘Splash’ after Easter. We’re working really hard on practicing our words at home so we’ll be ready for it! We’ve also started writing in our copies, our letters look lovely on the lines 🙂 Teacher is super proud!!! In maths we’ve done the numbers 1 to 5 and we’re now learning all about zero….we love the song zero zero superhero!!! In class we’ve been learning about China as it was Chinese New Year in February, we loved it. Ask us all about Li Chi’s love story…we drew the Willow pattern from it on paper plates. It is spring now although teacher says that doesn’t mean it gets warm straight away…she was right…did you see the sneachta this week!! We just finished our buddy bench book and we’re experts at inviting people to play on yard now. We’ve had a lot of occasions this term, Valentines day, Mothers Day, Pancake Tuesday, Saint Bridget’s and Saint Patrick’s Day!!  We’re busy getting ready for Easter too. We’ve learned all about Jesus at Easter time. We also got to make an Easter bunny and an Easter Chick!!! We’re worn out and are looking forward a well deserved rest and maybe an egg or two during our holidays!!!