Creating our Active Fairy Trail

The Active School Committee and the 2nd Year St. Mary’s Secondary School were busy working on our Active Fairy trail this week. The children and the St Marys Girls were creating characters for each fairy door and came up with some amazing ideas. Watch this space for the GAA Fairy, Soccer Fairy, Rainbow Fairy and many, many more. Next week the two teams will join together again to go on an active walk to see what trees we will use for our fairy doors. We will then hand the reins over to the Art club and the Creative schools committee in St Marys to bring our fairy doors to life. We are so excited!!!

We are loving our schools working together to create something beautiful.


Playground Leaders

Watch out everyone, our Playground Leaders are going to make you Active Active Active. Spot the boys and girls wearing bands around their arms. They will be setting up stations every little break to increase our physical activity.  Let’s Get Moving!!!

Our Active School Committee getting taught playground games to share with the other boys and girls at little break!



Our Active Fairy Trail

Our local Men’s Shed, St Mary’s Secondary School,  Art Club and our Active School Committee are busy helping us create our Active Fairy Trail between our two building. We are busy planning and creating Active fairies for each door.
Check out some of the ideas we have come up with so far. We are excited for all the boys and girls and Mammy’s and Daddy’s to get more active moving around our school.

We are committing to an Active Break EVERY DAY!

we can not wait to get involved with the Active Break challenge. We are excited to run, dance and exercise our way into December. Keep an eye on this page.



Our Playgrounds are super busy and beautifully decorated with lots of fun activities !

Check out our Active walkway.  A new addition to our school since 2018. Its great for warming up before PE.

We love sharing our soccer zone every little break



We were busy during the Autumn going on all our lovely nature trails. We found lots of interesting autumn things walking between our buildings.



Maths week wooooo! We loved getting active on our maths trails in our classrooms and around our school building



Lets Dance!! drop  everything and dance during art and our dress up day for halloween

Click on the link to watch one of our superstar dancers in action!


Our incredible teachers, children and local community raised an amazing amount of money for our school by getting active with the Cycle Cinema. It was a long tiring evening for our teachers but the children loved watching their movie on the big screen in St Mary’s PE hall.

We were so honoured when our local celebrity Mary Nolan Hickey came in to talk to the children all about her accomplishments and how walking and running can be so much fun. Mary raised over €60,000 for the RNLI and she completed her lap of the map. We are so proud of you Mary