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Maths Week 2021 – 16th – 24th October

Maths Week took place between the 16th and 24th October. This year the school picked ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as the theme for Maths Week. The children completed lots of different maths activities based on the story such as pattern, sequencing, 2-d shapes, time and much more. The pupils were invited to complete a ‘Maths Hat’ challenge or a STEM challenge, which was to build the Little Pigs houses out of any materials they could find.

As always the pupils and their families rose to the challenges. We have definitely got some budding milliners, architects, builders and mathematicians among our young pupils. Well done to all the children on amazing effort and mathematical thinking. Have a look at some of the pictures below.


Active Maths in Motion

Junior Infants have had great fun practising their maths skills. They are great at working together to solve problems and talk about the different activities. These active maths sessions have helped the pupils revise all the maths they have learned during Junior Infants. The photos below show some of the exciting tasks they have been working on.

Maths Week 2018

Maths Week was held between the 13th and 21st of October. The whole school were involved in various activities during the week.

This year we focused on using our ‘Maths Eyes’ and encouraged the pupils to find maths in our environment. Thank you to parents for the huge effort they made. We were sent in great photos and the pupils enjoyed looking at the display all week. We are going to keep our ‘Maths Eyes’ working so please feel free to send in photos anytime to add to our already extensive display.

We also learned a lot about each other during Maths Week, as each class created a data chart on which they recorded a variety of their favourite things, these included toys, fruit, shapes, Halloween characters and many other topics.

Other activities included putting their problem solving caps on each day to solve the ‘Problem of the Day’, using their estimation skills to guess the amount of ‘Pastas in the Jar’, as well as going on a Maths Hunt around the school.

It was great to see such interest and enthusiasm with regard to maths. Let’s keep our Maths Eyes open and remember that maths is everywhere.

Maths Week 2017

Maths Week took place between the 14th and the 22nd of October. All the pupils were fully involved in the many activities that took place. Every class enjoyed a maths hunt around the school yard. Infants were busy finding shapes and numbers while the older classes had to answer a variety of questions based on their school environment.

There was great fun making patterns with cubes, beads and bears. Many classes worked as part of a group to create a variety of 2-d shapes using their bodies. They were able to make regular and irregular shapes.

A pupil from each class was awarded, ‘Mathematician of the Week’, this was for their effort and participation throughout the week, solving the maths problem of the day, creating a maths-based piece of art and being an active mathematician all week long.

You can see some of the pupils work in the pictures below. Well done to all the pupils and let’s continue to be ‘Marvellous Mathematicians’ all year long!