Second Class- Ms. Hogan

Exciting news to report…Ms Hogan’s second class have just returned home from their ‘cool’ expedition to the Polar Regions. The children really enjoyed learning about the Arctic and Antarctica throughout January and this inspired them to create some wonderful art pieces.

They especially loved gathering facts on all the fantastic animals who live in Polar Regions. We read a great story called Tom Crean’s Rabbit which is based on the diaries of men who sailed to the South Pole on board the Terra Nova Ship.

We created fantastic projects on some of our favourite Polar Animals, from Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes to Snow Geese and Seals. We also had some projects inspired by Tom Crean and loved inviting our friends to our classroom to see our projects. We even had some special guests visit our classroom- ‘Snickers’ the Snow Goose and ‘Sisi’ the Seal.



We are now ready to say goodbye to winter and welcome Springtime!