Our School of Excellence Award

In May, our school was awarded the School of Excellence Award by Waterford IT, for achievements in Maths across the school. Our project focused on ‘Hands on Maths‘ in the classroom.
The pupils were engaged in lessons centred around the use of concrete materials and games during Ready Set Go Maths, an in-class support programme that enables children to explore and learn number skills through games.
We interviewed Senior Infant class pupils, asking them how they felt about Maths and what games they liked. The answers were recorded on a poster, along with photos of the children engaging in the games. This poster was displayed in WIT on the 15th of May. Ms.Noonan and Ms.Coates spent the day in WIT chatting with teachers about the Ready Set Go Maths Programme that is used in our school, as well as showing children from other schools how to play the games and use the concrete materials.