Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee just put in their final application last month and have already received some really positive feedback from An Taisce who said they are very impressed with our application and feel that we are in a strong position to receive the Green-Flag award. They also made some recommendations which the committee will look forward to discussing and reviewing in the New Year.


In the application the committee shared some of our schools amazing waste results which you can check out below.

In the initial stages of starting the programme we recorded the average weekly waste from our school in black bin bags, and then we reviewed this again last month.

   We have reduced our waste from 23 bags per week, to 5 bags of waste per week.

What fantastic results so far, which are down to all the children, parents, staff and the whole school community along with the Green schools committee past and present.

Well done everyone. Keep up the great work and remember our Green School Code!

 ‘Don’t be skunk

And recycle your junk.

Let’s go Green

To keep our school clean.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!